Bring a Friend to C A M P

Pie in the FACE

Sign up your friends in November and December to smack someone in the face during camp with a pie.

Humvee Ride

Sign up your friends in January and February and get an epic ride on our Humvee while you’re at camp!


We’ll unlock the March and April prize for signing up friends on March 1!

How does this work?

  1. Get a friend who’s never been to Camp Cedar Cliff to sign-up online. Here’s the link:
  2. When they sign-up be sure they select ‘Camper Family’, and enter YOUR NAME in the box that says ‘How did you hear about us?’
  3. That’s it! Your parents get $75 off your camp tuition and you get any of these awesome prizes! Win win.

Stay tuned as we reveal what future month’s prizes are for signing up friends! Questions? Call us at 828-450-3331 and ask to speak with Hayley, Brittany, or David.