Episode 2: The Breath of Life

A Message from Tim: The Breath of Life

A message on how God wants us to pursue a relationship with Him, and how He can breathe life into us regardless of the situation.

Referenced Text: Ephesians 2:1-10 & 1 John 1:9

Message Sections:

  • God wants us to pursue our relationship with him, like most young people live life.  All in!
  • The Middle School Science Fair.
  • Dead in Sin…But God
  • Nobody punches my brother but Me.
  • Where is my Turtle?
  • From Death to Life!

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Episode 1: Introduction to the Camp Cedar Cliff Podcast

Welcome to the home for our new Podcast Series!  Each week, Tim and guests will share with you encouraging messages, biblical insight and entertaining stories that will draw you closer to Jesus Christ.  We hope that you enjoy these messages and will consider enjoying a “Summer Adventure that Lasts an Eternity” by coming to our summer camp as a camper or counselor, or through scheduling a retreat or event with us.  Please subscribe to our Podcast through iTunes!  Thank you for listening.